Wednesday, April 2, 2014

we play in our jammies

The reality is, when my kids get up from naps in the afternoon i usually prepare a little snack and we all go outside to play in our yard in our jammies.

so here they are in their incredibly bright pink footies that contrasts with anything green and beautiful outside, but having the best time in the world. :)

So its officially birthday week in our home. We celebrate mine and Zaylee's birthday this week! I never really make a big deal about my birthday, but this year is different because I'm turning the big 3 0 ! I think Mike is rubbing off on me really with the whole birthday excitement thing. He LOVES to celebrate his birthday and I mean its like a celebration for the whole month kind of a thing. So this year he insists that he has my special day planned. I don't really know what's up his sleeve. He says its all my favorite things to do, whatever that means. 

Zaylee turns 2 the day after my birthday. Its amazing how that all worked out and she picked her own day to be born too, which happened to be a week before her due date. For weeks now I would say to her "how old are you going to be?" She always answers "five" (because Sophia is turning five). But today, today she finally said "two? two." We've been practicing singing happy birthday today and she knew just to blow out the candles at the end. I then got deja vu of last year when we sang happy birthday to her and she didn't know how to blow out the candle, so I had to for her. She saw that I bought birthday hats too and said "me! happy!" She knows they are for her and she knows we are having a birthday party just for her on her special day. I see her light up and it warms my heart. Yes baby girl, all these special things are for you because we love you so!  


Sophia: She sings the soundtrack to the movie "Frozen" everyday, all day. 

Zaylee: She's got wild hair, always has since day one. Everyday it looks like this, a big ol' mop on her head. She still looks cute to me. 

"A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014."