Friday, May 31, 2013

two is better than one

Lately I've been seeing more of this beautiful sister relationship happening between these two, and its just about the best thing in the world. I love that they have each other.  
Wherever Sophia is, two steps behind is Zaylee trying to do the same thing. If Sophia is playing with a toys, Zaylee will want it and she will fight for it or tattle ;) 
No one can make her baby sister laugh so hard in her car seat like Sophia. One of the biggest reasons why we haven't turned Zaylee's carseat facing forward is because she likes to be able to see Sophia (we tried and she cried!).
I keep walking into the room and finding these two sitting on the steps or giggling together this week...and my heart is so full!   

Long story short, two is better than one. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

f o u r

^ Dumbo, our first family ride! ^

^ this was her favorite part, meeting Princess Rapunzel! She even got to do a mini dance with her ^

Last week we celebrated a very special little lady's 4th birthday around here! We celebrated her day by waking up and opening up a few presents, spent the day at disneyland, had dinner and a homemade princess cake at grandma's and snoozed off to sleep listening to her birth story (minus the gory details, of course!).

I can't believe my eldest child is four! How did time fly by so fast? I can still vividly picture the day I went into labor with her and felt her warm flesh as I grabbed her from her small arm pits and brought her into this world. My baby, my dreamboat...who I can still close my eyes and smell the sweet newborn scent and I could have nursed forever is now four. I had tears in my eyes all last week as I remembered the most joyful 3 years together with her and I had her repeat to me how old she was everyday, just so I could hear her say, "three, i'm three mama" (holding the middle three fingers up). 

Well, cheers to four! I already embrace you because as time goes on and my children get older I always catch myself saying, "now this is the best age." The best times are still to come and I see four being a good one for us. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

i call this my compliment skirt

I'm still figuring out how one feels not awkward when doing style shoots. Anyone have tips?! 

^best part it has pockets! i love dresses or skirts that have pockets!^

I scored this awesome dessert/tribal skirt on a thrift date with my bestie a while ago, but never wore it until last week. I surprisingly got several compliments on it. I even had a woman almost attack me at costco desperately asking where I purchased it. I beamed or my husband calls it "blushed" and said, "thrift store!"

Sorry to the lady that gave this good one up to the Goodwill ;)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

blue with orange #whatiworesunday

Its been a while but I thought I'd link up with FLAP today! 

Here's what I wore to mass today on this glorious Trinity Sunday!

^good hair day needs to be noted! so happy with my ombre hair growing out :) 
Blue and yellow are complimentary colors that everyone knows about, but I decided to pair my blue with my favorite summer color this year...bright orange! This dress is one of my most loved dresses that I bought many many many years ago at a thrift store. When I saw this dress I immediately thought of Greece and imagined myself on the blue coast there wearing this dress. Its yet to happened, but whenever i do wear reminds of of those blue waters along the white cliffs and I sort of feel like I'm on vacation. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Trinity Sunday! Happy feast day to God ;) 

Monday, May 20, 2013

denim over denim

I'm kind of a sucker for big pretty ruffles and anything denim/ you can imagine my excitement when I found this awesome top for a very discounted price! What I like best about this top is that it can really go with any bottoms that I own; blue, black, white or colored denim. Yay for clothes that have an endless options! 

My hair is a totally different story (#bighairdon'tcare). Its in a big top knot bun...which I probably haven't done since the seventh grade and I'm not sure if I can repeat (i have thick hair and get head aches if I have it up for too long). Today was a no hair wash day and I wanted to have it up...just to show off those big ruffle sleeves. :)

Anyways, I hope you like the new direction this blog is heading and have a great week! I'll be busy trying to figure out how to make a princess cake for a special little girl who will be turning 4 this week!!! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

shopping for the littles

i've been on a little shopping frenzy these days buying things for the girls and for me ;) i always love to splurge a little for the girls and get them really nice things once in a while, but overall i am a mixer. I like to mix high and low price items together. I promise you some of the very best things I have ever purchased for my daughters have come from thrift stores (that one time i scored a original made in Italy Missoni knit dress for Sophia for $10.00!) 

But...with summer pretty much here in California and a lot of popsicle drips and outdoor play in our future, I like to buy a lot of inexpensive and playful dresses for them that they can have fun in. 

Old Navy is having a sale right now and I scored some super cute dresses for both the girls yesterday! 

Darling, right?! 

With that all said... go and have a fantastic weekend! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

a new direction

i know its been quite quiet on this blog around here and it isn't because i've decided to completely abandon it and enjoy this nice hot weather here (well, partially) but its because i've been thinking a lot about this blog ever since i read this blog entry. 

i have really loved sharing many many photos of my children and family with you all, but i think its time to limit some personal things that i do share....for the sake of safety. Yes, I will still share some of the things that happen over in our little family...but I want to make sure things are kept to a minimum especially as my girls are growing older. 

So...with all that said I will be continuing this blog but with somewhat of a new direction ;) 

Friday, May 10, 2013

happy mama's day!

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the unconditionally loving, hardworking, self-sacrificing mama's out there, have the most wonderful Mother's day!!! 

Hope you get to do something special for yourself because you truly truly deserve it. 

I am hoping for just a little more sleep from these two girls ;) 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a mini celebration during lunch break

A couple a weeks ago, we finally found out that Mike got his customs brokerage license! We waited almost 2 years since he passed his test to receive this, so we were nearly thrilled!!! I'm so proud of my hubby!! 

He picked up his license and then we went to go celebrate with some good lunch and a random bike ride ;) 

Sophia loved every bit of it! She kept asking us to pedal faster...boy were our legs sore the next day! Zaylee fell asleep towards the end of the bike ride, ha!

It was a beautiful view as we were riding along the beach. We saw this guy with his metal detector and it reminded us of our good ol' trip to SB. ;)

With all the calories we burned from biking...we treated ourselves to some ice cream. 

We had so much fun biking with our girls and hope to become more of a biking family soon. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Santa Barbara Part 3

Happy Friday everyone! Its been quite a looong week for me and I am thrilled that its Friday and that its finally the month of May! Although I love April with all its birthdays and anniversaries, I always walk away from it full on cake and quite exhausted. We do have one very special birthday to celebrate this month, but its only one birthday and I'm pretty okay with that.

In the is the final part of our Santa Barbara trip that I wanted to share with you all. We always make a trip up to San Ysidro Ranch (another place we stayed at during our honeymoon and its also the same place that President Kennedy honeymooned too;)

Its basically a piece of heaven on earth. The whole place is incredibly lush and just purely breathtaking. Every year we come up to have a anniversary dinner at the Plowing Angel restaurant. It was so special to bring the girls this year and have them walk around the grounds with us before dinner. We walked through the magical gardens, picked from their citrus trees and took in this hidden gem. 

^ our little cottage where we stayed at 5 years ago! ^ 
^ i just love this photo! Sophia just ran right into his arms for a hug. Truly a daddy's girl! ^

Isn't this place pure magic?!