Friday, May 3, 2013

Santa Barbara Part 3

Happy Friday everyone! Its been quite a looong week for me and I am thrilled that its Friday and that its finally the month of May! Although I love April with all its birthdays and anniversaries, I always walk away from it full on cake and quite exhausted. We do have one very special birthday to celebrate this month, but its only one birthday and I'm pretty okay with that.

In the is the final part of our Santa Barbara trip that I wanted to share with you all. We always make a trip up to San Ysidro Ranch (another place we stayed at during our honeymoon and its also the same place that President Kennedy honeymooned too;)

Its basically a piece of heaven on earth. The whole place is incredibly lush and just purely breathtaking. Every year we come up to have a anniversary dinner at the Plowing Angel restaurant. It was so special to bring the girls this year and have them walk around the grounds with us before dinner. We walked through the magical gardens, picked from their citrus trees and took in this hidden gem. 

^ our little cottage where we stayed at 5 years ago! ^ 
^ i just love this photo! Sophia just ran right into his arms for a hug. Truly a daddy's girl! ^

Isn't this place pure magic?!

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