Monday, May 27, 2013

i call this my compliment skirt

I'm still figuring out how one feels not awkward when doing style shoots. Anyone have tips?! 

^best part it has pockets! i love dresses or skirts that have pockets!^

I scored this awesome dessert/tribal skirt on a thrift date with my bestie a while ago, but never wore it until last week. I surprisingly got several compliments on it. I even had a woman almost attack me at costco desperately asking where I purchased it. I beamed or my husband calls it "blushed" and said, "thrift store!"

Sorry to the lady that gave this good one up to the Goodwill ;)

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  1. hihi! you look amazing! take a look at one of my other favorite blogs: - she does selfie poses of herself all the time! hope this is helpful!