Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a mini celebration during lunch break

A couple a weeks ago, we finally found out that Mike got his customs brokerage license! We waited almost 2 years since he passed his test to receive this, so we were nearly thrilled!!! I'm so proud of my hubby!! 

He picked up his license and then we went to go celebrate with some good lunch and a random bike ride ;) 

Sophia loved every bit of it! She kept asking us to pedal faster...boy were our legs sore the next day! Zaylee fell asleep towards the end of the bike ride, ha!

It was a beautiful view as we were riding along the beach. We saw this guy with his metal detector and it reminded us of our good ol' trip to SB. ;)

With all the calories we burned from biking...we treated ourselves to some ice cream. 

We had so much fun biking with our girls and hope to become more of a biking family soon. 

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