Friday, May 31, 2013

two is better than one

Lately I've been seeing more of this beautiful sister relationship happening between these two, and its just about the best thing in the world. I love that they have each other.  
Wherever Sophia is, two steps behind is Zaylee trying to do the same thing. If Sophia is playing with a toys, Zaylee will want it and she will fight for it or tattle ;) 
No one can make her baby sister laugh so hard in her car seat like Sophia. One of the biggest reasons why we haven't turned Zaylee's carseat facing forward is because she likes to be able to see Sophia (we tried and she cried!).
I keep walking into the room and finding these two sitting on the steps or giggling together this week...and my heart is so full!   

Long story short, two is better than one. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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