Tuesday, June 3, 2014

why, hello!

well gosh that was a long blogging hiatus wasn't it? Life has been going at such a rapid pace lately and so much going on but in all its entity its all been good. Last month I turned 30 and I started to realize I am getting older and there is no stopping time. It was a strange and scary reality. I am no longer the youngest person at the social parties nor the youngest mom at play dates. I have a child going into kindergarten this year. I don't always get carded anymore for alcohol. Wow. But these last few nights I've been feeling so incredibly blessed to be a mom to TWO beautiful daughters. I look at my 30 year old self and realized this is my last decade of fertility and thats about it. I've got only got a couple more years left and this stage of my life will be over. The best years of my life, I am sure of it. I mean each stage of life has its blessings as well as its cross, but I definitely think these young years as a young family raising young children have got to be the very best. I can tell in the eyes of so many older people who always smile (or sometimes sympathize) with me when I am with my children in public. They always tell me to enjoy them because this time will fly. And I do enjoy it, every single bit. Every sleepless night, every tantrum dealt, every heartache is worth it. I don't know why I'm even getting so nostalgic about it really, but its a reality I recently realized and I wanted to note it.

If social media hasn't informed you, we are preparing for another big move next month to San Diego! Now the real question is, how does one stay sane moving twice in less than one year in practically what feels like 2 different states with 2 little children in tow? I'm still trying to figure that all out. Last night, I got desperate and typed in "making move easy" on pinterest to get ideas. Ha! So lame or so desperate? You decide. Well the worse part of that was that pinterest didn't teach me anything new. Therefore, I've decided I'm going to get rid of all my household goods and live with nothing so I don't have to pack it. Why do I have so much stuff?!! 

Well i'm planning one heck of a yard sale in a few weeks and the rest of it will be going to happy people shopping at the Goodwill.

Good riddance!

In the meantime, here are some pictures from our trip to Carmel over Easter weekend. I love that town so much! I mean, whitest sands to the greenest valleys, to the deepest shades of blues of the ocean. Its absolutely perfect! 

where the greenest of valleys meet the coast!