Wednesday, May 29, 2013

f o u r

^ Dumbo, our first family ride! ^

^ this was her favorite part, meeting Princess Rapunzel! She even got to do a mini dance with her ^

Last week we celebrated a very special little lady's 4th birthday around here! We celebrated her day by waking up and opening up a few presents, spent the day at disneyland, had dinner and a homemade princess cake at grandma's and snoozed off to sleep listening to her birth story (minus the gory details, of course!).

I can't believe my eldest child is four! How did time fly by so fast? I can still vividly picture the day I went into labor with her and felt her warm flesh as I grabbed her from her small arm pits and brought her into this world. My baby, my dreamboat...who I can still close my eyes and smell the sweet newborn scent and I could have nursed forever is now four. I had tears in my eyes all last week as I remembered the most joyful 3 years together with her and I had her repeat to me how old she was everyday, just so I could hear her say, "three, i'm three mama" (holding the middle three fingers up). 

Well, cheers to four! I already embrace you because as time goes on and my children get older I always catch myself saying, "now this is the best age." The best times are still to come and I see four being a good one for us. 

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