Monday, April 29, 2013

some big news and some things we did...

Happy Monday everyone! 
Here are a few things we did this weekend.

Well...I wanted to start off by sharing some big news for our family! 

Over the weekend we went to visit the dirt grounds of where our new house will be built! We are moving! (well, technically not for a while) I am beyond excited and so grateful for this new chapter for us. Its been such a long journey to get to this place and I'll share more on that next time. But, for is a little picture of our dirt lot that we love so much! ;) 

I got to have breakfast with the bestie! And we always wear matching outfits unplanned! Its been like this since high school! ha! I guess great minds think a like :) We are going to start planning un-matching outfits now before we hang out. 

 This girl has been walking everywhere this weekend! And when you need to walk across the room and only have two hands, you use your mouth for help ;) 

The best part of the weekend was spent at our local city's carnival!

We ate food trucks and one yummy funnel cake covered in vanilla ice cream, chocolate, strawberries and bananas. Sophia kept insisting that something smelled but no one else could smell it. lol. that's why she is plugging her nose. 

Games are by far our favorite part of the carnival. Sophia wanted to play every game! Thankfully many of these booths are "everyone win" type of game booths. She was a bit confused when she had to walk away from some game booths empty handed ;)

I'm kind of an undefeated "whack a mole!" game winner ;) 

i won this doll for her ;) 

Sophia felt brave enough to challenge me at the "whack a mole" and beat me! I guess she is the new undefeated champion. ;) 

She won a doll for Zaylee!

And what's a carnival without going on some rides! Luckily she just made the height requirement...her gracious hat helped!:) Poor girl's got her parent's short genes. 

i heard giggles the whole time they were spinning 

Zaylee playing with some more of the prizes we won

And a weekend is never complete without a family run to Costco! 

Have a wonderful week! Make it a great day! 

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