Tuesday, April 2, 2013

a p r i l

its april! the craziest month for our family...the month where we are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries almost everyday around here. But who is not to love the celebration of life and love, right? 

this "another year" can be so bittersweet sometimes when it comes to watching your children grow up. i want to so badly freeze time sometimes and keep them at a certain age forever. well...at least those are the feelings i am feeling as of late. I look at my girls well after they go to bed and before i close my own eyes each night and just stare at them with a feeling of bittersweetness. i love that each day they are thriving, each with her own personality and turning into a more beautiful person that they were created for. yet, i get a little sad thinking when they were just "oh so little" and more dependent on me as their mother. 

to watch my little baby turn a year old in just a few short days is making me so sad...i am astonished at how fast this year has went by. But then I look at her big sister who is soon to turn four as well and realize i have a lot to look forward to. i get to watch this baby turn one, turn two, turn three...and see  her do all the marvelous things I once saw her sister do, but in her own way.

And this quickly approaching age four that is to come soon as well, well thats a whole different story! as of now, i'm preparing my heart for a little lady to turn one first this week and then next month i'll work on preparing my heart for that age four. 

here a few recent iphone pictures

^^she perfected the kimchi squat :)^^
this mother's heart is full.

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