Wednesday, April 10, 2013

O N E.

O N E.
My baby officially turned one last week! I'm still trying to digest that number. 

We had a Korean dol birthday party for her at the park. It was such a sweet day (minus the wind!) spent with family and friends. Although, Zaylee spent most of her party spent in the arms of her mother/father and Sophia playing with most of the party was all entirely a perfect day. Not many pictures were taken and the ones that were came out pretty fuzzy (sorry for the poor quality pics)...but most of the memories were captured in my heart through the week of preparing and watching my sweet baby girl turn 12 months old. I cried, I smiled and I watched her grow. Why must babies grow up so quickly?! 
Zaylee played the slowest game of doljabi known to baby-kind. After a crowd of encouragement and much hesitation, she went for the gold ring! Cha-ching!! 

^ She partied hard! ;) ^

My Sweet Zaylee "birdie" girl....

i love you with all my heart!! 
you are the light and joy of this family. you smile and the whole world smiles with you. 

Being your mom this year has been the most joyful yet one of the hardest journeys. You have challenged me and I have grown....and I have watched you grow. 

You are my thinker. I see you observe and think... and I know you will grow up to be quite a dreamer. I see how stubborn and strong minded you are now...and i know you will use that to your advantage one day and make all of those dreams of yours come true. 

i can't wait to see more of your personality come to this is only the beginning of our love and journey together. 

um ma

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  1. Happy birthday! She is beautiful. Looks like it was a fun party :) I love her little outfit!