Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter day

Happy Easter Monday everyone! 

Here's how we spent Easter Sunday yesterday, but since I'm linking up with FLAP...I'll start with sharing what I wore to mass first :)

I found this colorful and happy dress at a vintage store a few months ago! The bright colors made me so happy and I knew the florals would be perfect for spring. Its been hanging happily in my closet for its debut on Easter Sunday :)
We went to the most beautiful Sunday Tridentine low mass at a small Polish center. Mike and I agreed that hands down it was the best liturgy of ever. And its the best feeling when you walk out of church feeling like you just celebrated your faith in the best way possible. 
After church, we headed over to my parent's house for the rest of the day's festivities!
Sophia had so much fun doing the Easter egg hunt! It was amazing how fast she found all of them this year. 
Zaylee was pretty happy with just shaking around one plastic egg filled with jelly beans :)
^^these two trouble makers helped Sophia find some of the eggs ;)^^
^our best attempt at a family photo^
^My mom, the awesome chef! She made the most delicious lasagna and kimbap for lunch! And for dinner we had a scrumptious pot roast!! We did a twist on the Pioneer Woman's pot roast and it was so good!^
^My brother playing sous chef :) ^
^I'm usually the baker of the family, so I made the most delicious and moist carrot cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting topped off with toasted pecans!^

It was the best Easter Sunday ever...

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  1. Diana, your outfit is gorgeous! I LOVE that dress!