Friday, March 29, 2013

easter reflection

Did it feel like Easter and spring just crept up on us so quickly this year? 
I love this time of year because it reminds me of new life. New life as in the birth of babies and new life in the form of green grass and budding cherry blossoms. Its all so lovely.

Both my girls were spring babies. Its always this time of year when I am reminded that I nested my two little babes in my womb and waited with great anticipation for their birth. They were both born around easter time, each one choosing for themselves the day to enter this world...Sophia was born on Ascension Sunday and Zaylee born on Holy Thursday!    

Here are some pictures of our Easter last year with our fresh spring chick home from the hospital just in time to celebrate her first Easter! 

^amazing how much Sophia has grown in a year! I remember Sophia starring at this basket with an amazement and wasn't sure where to start!^
^^our little easter bunny last year, only 3 days old!^^
^Due to our Easter baby being born, we colored eggs a week later on Divine Mercy Sunday...afterall there are 40 days of Easter to celebrate!^
^We then had Sophia hide upstairs while the "Easter bunny" came by to hide some eggs :) She was still two at this time and loved every bit of it ;) And then had an easter egg hunt in our home, of course! ^
^ there was lot of this going on as we were just getting to know our newest family member^

Can't wait to make more memories this year! Wishing you all a Happy and holy Easter for the next 40 days!! Feast it up!!

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