Sunday, March 17, 2013

a part Irish {like mother, like daughters}

Did you all know I'm a part Irish? 

As Korean as I look, half of me is Irish and so are my kids. Explanations are to follow....

Well, I married a man who was adopted by parents who are of Irish blood. Although Mike is a 100% Korean by blood, he has been raised and nurtured almost like an Irish man :) By marrying him and changing my last name to Frank, half of me became European. Although all four of us in this family are ethnically Korean, it is something very special to us to recognize the roots of the parents who have nurtured the man of our household. 

So, we celebrated today like any good Catholic Irish family would by wearing our favorite mint green to mass. :) 

Linking up with FLAP again this Sunday! 


  1. You girls are such beauties! Favorite parts: belt, bracelet and polkadots.

  2. I really love that mint cardi and polka dot skirt! I'm such a sucker for polka dots (and anything mint). My husband is Irish and we love St. Patty's Day :)

  3. Love the mint cardi with the polka dots! Cute kidlets! :)

  4. love the mint cardi and polka dot skirt. your daughters are so beautiful and YAY for the Irish!!

  5. Diana!! I love your new blog. The girls have grown up so much!! And you are as beautiful as always! Miss you:)