Wednesday, March 27, 2013

life lately...

from my iphone pictures and instagram feed...

Its been a while since I've done one of these posts. It seems like life is moving at lightening speed lately and its not slowing down. Luckily, I have these pictures to remind me that we did slow down for second or two for some snapshots. 

So, here's what the Frank family has been up to...
^the weather has been so nice lately, so there's been a lot of outdoor play!^
^I try to basically cuddle with this growing baby as much as possible^
^i love watching these two girls play together. Swinging on the tire together^
^Sophia is growing her hair out! So proud of her first ponytail!^ ^Grocery shopping with my favorite trio :) ^
^Dinner party with one of our favorite priest! He married us too :)^Hanging out with our favorite group of nuns, the Carmelite Sisters^
^I specialize in fort building :) Its a cure for the Monday blues^ ^Sophia dressed up as a pirate girl at the museum^
^They have the whole bed, but always manage to roll right next each other when they inseparable girls^
^Our first ride on the carousel together!^

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