Monday, March 4, 2013

the worst part

...of motherhood has to be hands down watching your child be sick.
This was my Saturday morning, nursing my child in the urgent care and trying to figure out what was making her so ill. I absolutely hate it when my children are sick. I panic, I get super sad and I always want it to be all over soon. I guess its the fact that I hate to see them suffer. 

My little birdie came on with a super high fever (104.5) the last few days with nothing else but that. After going through a process of elimination, we found out it was Roseola today. Sophia had it around this age too, so I knew what to expect. However, it doesn't make things easier. I'm such a wimpy mom. I wish I was brave and could just learn to embrace moments like this when I have to watch my children suffer, but I'm not very good at it. 

Because I'm not very good at handling moments like this, I discovered one of my biggest pet peeves. I cannot stand it when people who are sick or whose children are sick come around my children. I don't want to seem mean when I say this, but I genuinely think it is rude when people bring sick kids around healthy kids (not just my own). I've had personal experiences with this a couple times and have watched my children get sick the next day after a play date or a birthday party. If there was a parenting booklet, this should be one of the most important rules: Don't take your sick child around other healthy children. Sometimes I feel like I am the meanest person in the world for avoiding certain parents who take this rule of thumb so lightly. I obviously cannot control everything, but I'm just saying. This mama can vent a little right?? 

I'm glad I'm married to a man who stays much calmer than me on this issue, who always says, "let's just keep an eye on it," when I call him mid day at work panicked because something looks wrong in our child. Although, sometimes he thinks I can be a little extremist on this issue and (sometimes I wonder if I am too). But at least he's here to balance me out a little bit. 

Today as I was exhausted and continuing to nurse my child to health, a good friend emailed me this beautiful article. I felt ridiculous for the way I handled (more like fell apart) the last few days with my sick child and also so inspired all at the same time. Go check it out and get your inspiration on.  

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