Monday, March 25, 2013

"pom pom" Sunday {Sunday Funday}

Yesterday was known as "pom pom" Sunday (aka Palm Sunday) according to a little 3 year old around here. We have been "prepping" her all last week with stories each night about Palm Sunday. She even got dressed in her best red dress for the occasion. :)  

We went to a beautiful Tridentine Mass yesterday, followed by discovering a fun little courtyard that reminded you of being in an old Shakespearean play. Sophia naturally felt inspired and put on a small private performance for us.

 Here is the little actress in action. Her imagination takes her to the moon and back! But the best part about the courtyard were these old telephone booths! Sophia was so curious about them and loved playing inside. 
This little lady will be O N E years old in 10 days (and a reminder that I will turn a year older as well, the day before!) She's been taking some small baby steps and we are just so proud of her! 

Linking up my Sunday outfit again with FLAP! : ) 


  1. THE PINK! You and your girls are adorable. Love your pink skirt!

  2. So adorable! I love all of your Pom Pom Sunday finery :)