Thursday, March 28, 2013

metallic me

I thought I'd bring you all some humor and humility on my part by sharing my first style post! Please look past my awkward pose...i promise to work on that :)
I've been really loving the hints of metallic and leather this Spring! It gives a bit of shimmer to any boring outfit...and I love a good a shimmer. :)

Lately, I've been more conscience when I go shopping. I want to make sure that every piece of item that I purchase will have a partner piece in my closet when I bring it home. But when I bought this skirt, it was quite impulsive and I even felt hesitant with it for a while...but I've already come to find several different tops to pair it with. After all, a little shimmer goes with almost everything, right?! 

And, we can't take all these style shots too here is one just for fun! 

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