Wednesday, January 30, 2013

mama style

I decided to join several other mom's on the fun "mama style" link up series! 

I've always had a love for style and fashion. Growing up most of my best friends in school were always tom boys that always turned to me to give them make overs (and give haircuts...but thats a whole different story), and I happily did! My style became more defined after I became a mom. Time and comfort are now one of the biggest factors that I need to include in getting dressed, yet I don't want that to compromise my style. 

 As a mom who loves fashion, I am now having a lot of fun styling my 2 little girls, yet I hope to have the opportunity again to style others.

My outfit above worn this past weekend at the Getty Museum:
dress: Anthropologie, leggings: Target, boots: J Brand, cross body bag: Ralph Lauren



  1. I really like both your outfits from this day trip. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Instagram photos as well <3 Thanks again for being a wholesome, fun break from my studies. Love you Diana. ^___^

    1. Thanks Heesoo! So happy to bring you some mental break from your crazy studies!! love u!!