Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas traditions

The season of Advent came upon me so fast this year. Usually I am waiting for it to begin. This year, I feel as if I didn't even really get a chance to prepare myself. But that is the beauty of this season and that is the exact reason why Advent happens. So that we can prepare our hearts and our whole beings to meet Our Lord on Christmas day. After all Jesus is the reason for the season! So in our home, we are all preparing for Christmas during this  Advent season by making sacrifices. Sophia and I are giving up all forms of sweets until Christmas day. She agreed to do it and let me tell you, she is doing a much better job than me. We were at In & Out the other night and she forgot about her Advent sacrifice and asked if she can get a milkshake. I felt so bad but I reminded her and she quickly complied and didn't even argue with me. I was so proud of her!

But not all of our traditions are penitential :) We obviously decorated our tree and have been saying our family rosary each night near it and reflecting on our empty manger [on Christmas morning we put baby Jesus in] that we put up above our fireplace. 

Another fun tradition that I have been doing for a few years is putting chocolate coins in the girl's shoes on St. Nicholas day [which is tomorrow!]. I have the girls put there shoe outside the door when they go to bed and when they wake up, they find chocolate coins inside. Btw, Trader Joes sells chocolate coins but they also sell chocolate coals for the naughty kids! I was tempted to buy this to put in Mike's shoe, haha!

^We also light an advent wreath ^ 

A new tradition I want to start with this year is to also celebrate St. Lucia's day [on December 13th] with having a small candle procession and make some Lucia bread. 

I love small traditions like these and hope to continue to do them each year even as the girls get older. 

What are some traditions that you do during the season of Advent? 

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  1. such wonderful traditions! can't wait to have traditions like these when I have a family of my own :)