Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hair tutorial by Sophia {Sophia says}

Last week, [thanks to instagram] I got inspired to let Sophia sleep with socks in her hair. We rolled her dry hair after a bath into some little old navy socks, tied the ends together and then I sent sleeping beauty off to bed!

^^Taa daa!!! Perfect curls the next morning!!!^^

^ The curls only got better through the day! ^

So there you have it blog world! First hair tutorial by a four year old :)

Just a few conversations and quotes by Sophia as of lately...

[mike walks out the door for work]

Sophia, "Daddy i love you, come back!" 

[mike pops his head back in]

Mike, "yes?"

Sophia, "Make sure you come back for the girls party"

[mike leaves for work]

Me, "Oh, he's invited to the girl's party?"

Sophia, "no, i just need his help"

Me, "With what?"

Sophia, "The drinks. And the decorations"

apparently, she's already expecting her father to help her out with the drinks ;) 

[After crock pot has been cooking dinner all day and taking her first bite]
"Mama, i think you are going to be a famous chef one day"

[Michael Buble comes on pandora]
"Oh, its daddy's song!" 

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