Monday, June 17, 2013

bits of our weekend

This weekend was a good one. 

We spent most of it in the places we love! On Saturday, we spent the first half of the day attending the 8th grade graduation of my former 2nd grade students. Most of the students I have not seen since they were wee little second graders and they were only tall up to my waist. They too remember me with my maiden last name and without children. The reunion to see how much they have grown and how much my life has changed was a emotional and beautiful one. I prepared these children once for their first holy communion and to see them walk down the same aisle at mass with their graduation robes was so beautiful. I am so proud of them and it was so sweet to see how the awards that I gave to some of the students back in second grade were the same ones they were also receiving in the eighth grade. Not much has changed and what they were good at when they were seven years old still reflected at age fourteen now! 

After that, we had a delicious dinner with a good friend. It felt like summer was here with good fresh seafood tacos, a bed of raw oysters, cold beers in mason jars and eating outside smelling the ocean air nearby. Bliss, right?! We ended that evening with letting our girls run loose on those plastic quarter machine cars. As my mind wanders about how germ infested those cars may be, my children are endlessly i continue to let them play. I even stuck in two quarters to watch them screech with joy and shake the car faster. If only this mama had more than two quarters in her wallet, the night might have never ended. :)

We celebrated and honored our dad's around here on Sunday! It proved to be another fulfilling day as we started our morning with mass at one of our most favorite church and then continued to fill our bellies with delicious food the rest of the day. After all a way to man's heart is through his stomach, right?!  

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