Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a little lipstick and heels on...

a Monday night!

On Monday night, husband got home as usual and we went out for a family dinner because truth is he took my car keys to work and I was stuck on house arrest with two littles all day. No grocery store run was made and no dinner was cooked. But, luckily dry cleaning needed to be picked up in Little India that we used it as an excuse to eat Indian food. Any excuse to eat chicken tikki masala is a good one. ;)  

The girls got dressed in their usual fancy dresses, as everyday is a fancy day around here with those two. I put on a little lipstick, some leopard heels and beaded bracelets and got ready to hit the streets of bollywood! 

So yeah, remember that case of the Mondays I was telling you about... well it turned out for the better after all. 

Ps: does anyone else have a love for India cinema besides me??

top: Anthropologie, its an old one though 
pants: Zara jeans
shoes: Target or taarrjaay
bag: an old Forever 21 crossbody bag that i cut the straps off of and turned into clutch 
Bracelets: green ones are from 31 bits jewelry + various
lip color: MAC Ruby Woo

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