Monday, August 12, 2013

r o u t i n e

Happy Monday friends! 

I'm struggling with the case of the moooonndaaays! I've been working on more of a routine lately in my home with my two girls so that Mondays don't seem to drag on soo long. I've always been more of a routine gal and loved sticking to schedule but when I married Mike he was more a spontaneous guy. My schedule started to go more out the door and when kids came in the picture, flexibility needed to be more acceptable. But, with the girls getting older I want them to understand a daily routine. I think it gives everyone more stability when they know what is expected. So, I've been creating a small routine around here. Its not perfect but it works for us. I feel that it brought out better behavior in my children and less of a cranky mom in me. There are so many things we are working on at home lately, sleep training, night weanings, disciplining, and beginnings of homeschooling and with routine things seem more manageable. 

And here are a few pictures as of lately that bring me a little smile :) 

^ A sweet moment that they share every morning before daddy goes to work  

^ thankful for this independent 4 year old that uses the potty, washes her hands and gets herself dressed in fancy dresses each morning before I get out of bed :) Sorry its blurry...i'm not much of a morning person. ^

^ daily bike rides!! Even in her fancy dresses, she out riding bikes everyday!^

 ^ This one is my favorite, i think. NAPS! She must be growing... ^ 

^ I never met a pizza I didn't like...but this one was especially good. Prosciutto pizza with arugula and sweet onions right out of the hot wood oven! Oh my it was delish! ^ 

^ my 16 month old baby :) yes, I still call her my baby and not toddler. As tough as she is, she is absolutely the sweetest little girl in the whole world!^

^ these girlies love their uncle! They were kissing him goodbye before he headed out for a night of fun. :) ^ 

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