Wednesday, February 19, 2014

lights of Monterey

"for the pictures that she paints 
of the lights in Monterey
coming across the bay..." 

I've always dreamed these pictures as I sang along to Jack Johnson's "same girl" song over and over again. This weekend it rang true, it really was everything i'd imagine it to be and more. you know when you step into a place it feels so right and you never ever want to leave it. that moment where your heart is so at peace and you can call it home. well i found my hearts content in the sleepy town of carmel. the sea...the town had me captivated and i never wanted to leave it. i fell madly in love with it, as i always somehow knew i would

we woke up saturday and thought it would be great to getaway to the sea. We quickly jumped out of bed, packed any clean clothes we had and took our little wanderlust hearts to where it belong. we do this often, mike and i...even with two little kiddos in tow. it keeps all the excitement and magic alive, and it never disappoints. 

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