Wednesday, February 12, 2014

many small moments

I have been filled with many small moments lately, both incredibly rewarding and exhausting. Feeling blessed to experience it all, the good and the tough.  

We've had a rainy few days here last week. I've been following the weather and saw it coming, so I started to prepared with raincoats and rain boots. Rain or shine, we need fresh air daily. Its good for the soul and mind. It was good to let the girls march outside in their boots and let them enjoy the fresh puddles. I remember loving this so much as a little girl, but to relive it through the eyes of my own littles is even better. The squeals and giggles were heard a block away.

Our church has the best family adoration and praise/worship night. We went last Friday night and was put to tears watching Sophia and Zaylee sing their hearts out. The first song was "Lord, I need you" by Matt Maher and this happens to be one of our favorite songs lately (and we listen to it a lot). Immediately, both girls got so excited recognizing the song, stood on the kneelers and stretched out their arms and sang to their hearts content. Little Zaylee who can't even pronounce all the words clearly, knows the song by heart and was singing and singing. It was incredible to see her praise. We've never taught our children how to "praise" God. We've never taught her to raise her arms out and sing. But in her own littlest way, she swayed her body and reached for the Lord as she sang and sang. She probably was one of the smallest in the room, but you would have never known it by the way she sang. It was beautiful. Mike and I kept exchanging looks and were puddled by her incredible sweetness. How beautiful it is to see your children love the Lord just as you do. I will never forget it. 

I was reminded last week that these moments of staying at home with my children are so short and going to be truly missed one day. I know I enjoy the present moment as much as I can, but I know I also complain a lot about my messy home and being so exhausted. But, I realized that even these small tough moments will be missed too. I'm sure one day I will miss picking up my house after my children have long gone to bed. After all, I do always smile to myself even through the exhaustion at night when I walk room to room and see all the small ways my children have explored and played. The untying of many, many little knots Sophia have tied with string/yarn/rope around door knobs or chairs or other objects around the house, I will really miss that. Also the many nights when I am emptying out a million little purses and backpacks filled with toys, rocks, socks, and tissues that Zaylee have played with through the day. These small and messy times are temporary. One day I will have a spotless, organized and quiet home. The time nor day is now and I'm okay with that.  

PS: click here to see a video of the girls jumping in puddles.  

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