Thursday, March 6, 2014

almost 2 and 5

Spring is almost here, thank goodness. I see signs everywhere from flowers blooming, the steady rain, trees becoming green again and new life being ready to be born everywhere (especially my many pregnant friends). Spring also has me reflecting on my children because they were both spring babies, including me. Spring babies are the best. I always joke to my friends that my children are liturgically correct babies because of how my trimesters always correlate so well with the church calendar. I've always greeted my second trimester with the start of Advent and the holidays, which is so perfect because my appetite is usually back and so is my energy. I enter my third trimester with the beginning of lent and when Easter comes, my babies are here in my arms. So, now that lent started yesterday I'm starting to feel nostalgic again and realizing my spring babies will become a year older very soon. 

It really is incredible how much they grow up and change in just one year. Sophia realizes she is growing up too and changing. Lately, she keeps commenting about her voice changing (haha!) and that its starting to sound like a big kid voice. I can actually see her personality now and who she is. I think about her future and I wonder what she will. Her little 4 and 1/2 person tells me that she might become an artist or a florist. 

Sophia sayings as of late:

"What is a glutton free cookie? Does it have glue on it?"

"Next time I'm going to do a talking hand" (after learning that she needs to raise her hand quietly)

"Mosquito is a wild animal"

"I'm not eating peanut butter anymore because I realized its making me dehydrated"

"I don't have much experience with heat, like Olaf" (regarding to the movie Frozen)

I can't believe my baby Zaylee will be two years old next month. I don't even want to think about it. 

This girl is my wildflower. She's got this great free spirit but is stubborn as a ox. I'm still watching her personality develop and her confidence grow. She is shy, sweet but can totally hold her own. The other night we had friends over for dinner and their 15 month baby boy (who weighs much more than Z) grabbed her shoulders, she pushed him down to get him off her. All the big kids couldn't believe it and I walked into the room with Zaylee beaming. Speechless. 

She loves babies, bubbles, the color blue and all things that start with the letter "B". She is our family clown. She makes all of us laugh and smile, even Sophia finds her so funny. 

She says "ooohh" as if we have told her something so profound whenever we correct her. 

She still answers "no" for everything.

When she says "hello" it is the cutest thing ever. Its more like, "ello, ello?"

She says, "i poo" everything she has a dirty diaper. 

She begs to go to bed with a snack every night. 

She calls dogs "woof woof."

She will tell me everything is the color blue, even her daddy's hair and every once in a while she will say something is yellow. 

And the best part...we can still bribe her to give us extra kisses and hugs randomly throughout the day :)


  1. How time flies. It seems to be getting faster and faster. Your girls are really growing up. Thank you for the pictures; I feel included in being able to see them grow. The twins are awaiting to hear from colleges they've applied to, and will be in college this fall. I remember so clearly when they were 2 and 5.

    1. Thanks Heesoo! Can't believe the twins are going to college! Time totally flies and this makes me realize how old we are getting too :/