Monday, September 30, 2013

Lake Tahoe {part 1}

So get this, a few months ago we won a free "dream" vacation. Long story short, we had no idea that we were even going to be living merely two hours from this beautiful place and we booked our vacation here. We drove up Friday night after Mike's work and stopped at In & Out for dinner, as all road trips in our family start with a meal there :) We inhaled our burgers as we drove through the most beautiful country side and into the woods and into the lake where we were going to stay. We got there as the sun was seconds from disappearing for the night. That night was magical. It was absolutely pure magic. We stepped out onto our balcony (which is the view from the pictures above) and looked above to what looked like a million bucks in the sky...the brightest and biggest stars all covering us and about a million of them! The girls were inside safe and sound and Mike and I looked above in amazement for a good half hour until our bones couldn't handle the air any longer. There was nothing like it. That night we fell asleep with the fireplace heating our rooms and I awoke to the first sight of light into our room and ran out to greet the sunrise. I didn't want to sleep any longer and miss out on this glorious nature. 
It was a freezing 30 degrees out that morning! The air was so clear and you could even see some patches of snow at the peak of the mountain. 

We went to Bert's Cafe and I ate the best Huevos Rancheros of my life. I ate it two mornings in a row : ) 

After a hot and delicious breakfast, we went for a nice walk for about an hour as the little one napped in the stroller. We ran into a nice piece of the woods where Sophia got to pick pinecones. There were so many pinecones on the ground. Mike referred to as, "the birthing center for pinecones!" Ha! We brought a few home. 

 Our day continued to be amazing...but that will be shared in part 2! To be continued...

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