Tuesday, September 10, 2013

we made it!

So, last Friday we made our long road trip and moved into our new home! It was quite a long day, but overall a successful one. One of the best decisions we made on this trip was to hire movers. It saved us A LOT of time and energy and worth every penny. I couldn't ever imagine moving again without the help of movers, especially when you have two little children in tow. 

^ thank heaven's for my brother who took the day off work and help drive one of the cars for us^

^ this is her new favorite "monster" face. i think its pretty cute. :) ^

^ running around the front yard after a looong car ride! ^

^ pretty happy about it! ^

so... a couple days before we moved Sophia kept saying, "i never saw the inside of my new house." I reassured her that she will like it but i can tell she was a bit uncertain because she hadn't seen it herself. Well, as soon as we opened the door and let her run inside she immediately loved it. She was running around the house yelling, "i love my new house! i love my new house!" Both girls have adjusted and been loving every minute here. Its been making this move a whole lot easier. Its amazing how flexible to change little children are. They forget what they are missing and nothing is ever greener on the other side. They live in the moment and enjoy it. Watching these two girls so comfortable and immediately at home has made this mama's heart more at ease. Its been more of a emotional roller coaster for me and today i braved the city alone to find the local target :) it was a success and it made me feel a bit more confident in living in this new city. Last night we even ventured out together as a family and found the local Korean market! #dontjudgeweneedourkimchi :) 

One of the best parts of living here has been having some of our very best friends close by! They have been over everyday helping us, watching our kids, bringing us meals and hosting football parties :) 

Although, we are still adjusting...i foresee a lot of good times to come! 

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  1. i love the backyard!!! :) kiddies look happy. hope your not stressing too much un-packing! miss you guys! <3