Friday, September 20, 2013

yesss its friday!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the blogging hiatus for a bit... I'm still adjusting to our town and getting used to our new routine and life around here. Mike finished his first full week at his new job and we even celebrated his birthday this week! Its been a very full week but I am ever so grateful that its FRIDAY! 

We are supposed to get RAIN this weekend! The air has proven itself to be more chilly this week and I am ready to embrace fall! Anyways...I saw this fun page over at the lovely Sydney's blog and thought it would be fun to follow along. 

Making: our new house a home
Cooking: a lot more Korean food lately
Drinking: decaf americano lattes...but wishing it wasn't decaf 
Reading: about Charlotte Mason and other homeschooling books 
Wanting: these boots
Looking: forward to fall and all the apple picking and apple cider drinking 
Playing: outside everyday and enjoying our new backyard! 
Wasting: time playing with my kids and not folding the piles and piles of laundry
Sewing: nothing yet...but was ready to dust off my sewing machine yesterday, so thats a start! 
Wishing: to have a full nights sleep  
Enjoying: my daily walks with the girls outside
Waiting: for the weekend 
Liking: eating ice cream at the local creamery, pretty often 
Wondering: what our future will bring here in this new city 
Loving: watching Sophia and Zaylee so happy here in our new home 
Hoping: to grow a garden outside in our yard 
Marveling: at all the lovely trees in this town 
Needing: nothing
Smelling: a neighbors campfire at night 
Wearing: sweaters and boots in the morning because its chilly and then changing into shorts and t-shirts by 3 PM because its like 90 degrees outside. This weather is crazy! 
Following: my GPS because I just don't know my way around the streets here yet
Noticing: bugs, mosquitos, spiders, mice, and other creatures around and trying hard to embrace the "non insect girl but wannabe country" in me ;) 
Knowing: God is faithful 
Thinking: about the weekend! 
Feeling: tired
Bookmarking: homeschooling curriculum and preschool ideas
Opening: the pantry and refrigerator a million times a day for little snacks
Giggling: listening to little conversations between Sophia and her little friends

Feeling: content 

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