Wednesday, September 4, 2013

packing done

I think i am officially "done" with packing! Yeah we have a few small boxes lying around that haven't been taped shut yet, but for the most part we are good. It was one of the hardest 10 days packing this little home up and i can honestly and humbly say i could have never ever ever done it without the help of family and friends. i have to admit...i'm one of those people that hate to admit for help. i usually carry on too many tasks and like to take care it all by myself, but when it came to packing up my house in merely days I made myself swallow a bit of that pride and ask those around me for help. And it was great. We had friends pop in just to sit there and bubble wrap a few picture frames, family members stop by to just bring us "energy" doughnuts, others come to pack a couple more boxes, and even more generously people offering to watch my children. I went to bed every night the last week grateful in my heart. Grateful for the outpouring of help in every way, whether it was through a meal, packing, babysitting, and especially the extra love and hugs. On top of all that love, we were surprised with a surprised party by family and friends on Labor day! I am so overwhelmed with emotion of happiness and sadness. These last five years here in this city were a good one. We made a gem of a friendship with so many and the memories are insurmountable. the end of this week we will be closing a chapter of our lives here and excitedly looking forward to another...i hope i don't cry. 


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