Thursday, November 14, 2013

4.5 & 19

Last week we had one of the most beautiful fall days here. There was a slight breeze yet the air was warm. The sun was shinning giving the leaves around us a even more beautiful hue. I couldn't help but to let the girls play outside for hours and then have them collect some of the outdoor treasures we found around the yard and turn them into a craft. This house has the most beautiful trees that shed the brightest red and yellow leaves and drop the biggest acorns. I sometimes think we live in the theme park for squirrels. They are always around our yard, climbing our trees and eating our acorns. 

I can't help but to smile or laugh when I watch the girls play at this age. Sophia at age four and half now is very curious and bright. Her use of imagination is completely out of this world (literally she pretends she's in outer space) sometimes...but she can puts logic and reason together very easily. She is one of the daintiest four year olds with a voice and laughter that can triumph over any lion. Lately, she's been loving flowers and cannot walk pass a field nor a bush without picking a flower. I love this sweet girl of mine. She challenges me daily to be patient through a gazillion questions she asks (especially the "why's?"). She is in such a hurry lately to grow up and it makes me sad. She say's she wants to be six-teen! I guess she see's the world with so much opportunity and she wants to try it all.  

Zaylee is so stubborn, strong willed, tough as nails, yet the most joyful and sweetest child. She loves to smile, laugh, be funny, and the only child that laughs over spilled milk than cry about it. I love her wild spirit. She is such an incredible little person right now at only nineteen months, so full of life and sweetness. She is her sister's little shadow...following her throughout the day and copying every little thing she does. I can't help but to chuckle as she mumbles baby talk to me with a complete serious face as if it is something very important. Her speech is getting better each day as I see her trying. She can't make out all the words clearly but I see her little tongue trying so hard. :) 

As our Fall days are getting shorter and our nights longer, I don't want to forget these days and moments with each of my children. They keep me very very busy everyday but these small moments don't go unnoticed. Small conversations, small joys and trials are not forgotten even though the sun has left us for the day. Its these little things in life that make life so big. These small fleeting moments when my children are only four and half and nineteen months that seem so big in the moment but will once again be small when they become a day, month or a year older the next day.  


  1. The girls are so, so, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing that amazingly gorgeous and adorable autumn day you ladies had. <3