Friday, November 15, 2013

a little venting.. and happy friday!

Happy Friday Friends! I am ever so glad that today is finally Friday! Its been one of the longest weeks. We just started this week on the wrong foot and it just kind of went that way through the whole week. Monday was one of those really really awful days where by nine o clock in the morning, you kind wanted to go back to bed and start the day over. Have you ever had one of those days?? Well, let me tell you i have NEVER had one of those days before. Really, I never ever wished I could go back to bed and start the day over (especially by nine am). I think its mainly because of the lack of sleep we have all been getting over here. The family that doesn't sleep well together...stay cranky together, right? Right.  

So all week I've been trying to wrap my brain around my cranky state and not let the mom guilt get to me (because let me tell you, I've been the most no good very bad mom of ever and ever). Most of the issues of this week has been dealing with a whiny, cranky, tired, attitude giving four year old (who I wont name).  And, taa daaa!! Last night before I went to bed a resolution came to mind! A chore chart is now coming our way...starting tonight! This four year is about to get hit with some responsibility along with positive reinforcement. Thank goodness I was a teacher in my past life. 

I'm almost done with weaning Zaylee too. I also realized last night that my milk supply finally got the hint that I'm weaning and slowed down its production progress. It made me so sad. This weaning is all too hard for me...more emotionally than anything. I have two more feedings to cut out gradually and than I'm done nursing my baby. I hate it so much, but once its all done and my hormones are back to normal... its all kind of nice :)

Although my two children have been driving me a bit nutty this week, I'm thankful for my crazy husband. He's been my bit of sanity. He took me out for fatty food and ice cream last night, along with some good laughs and the world felt right again. 

So yeah, thats been my week in a nutshell and thats why I'm extra grateful that today is Friday! I'm ready to put this week behind me and have a wonderful weekend! 

And a blog isn't a blog without pictures, so here's some pictures of us in San Francisco last weekend. I love that city so much, especially the good seafood (yay to delicious oysters and clam chowders!). But sorry there are no food pictures, I ended up gobbling them up too fast and realized that I forgot to take some snapshots. My bad! 

^ giggling from going down the slide fast^
^ Ferry Building!^

^inside the Ferry building.. it was filled with delicious shops with lots of goodies!^ 

^ hand in hand strolling together through the building. She was leading the way, obviously ;)^

Bay bridge during the day

Bay bridge by night 

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