Tuesday, November 5, 2013

gratitude is the new attitude

my kids are napping...so i'm seizing the moment and eating their leftover halloween candy and blogging! Someone please come and take the rest of my candy!

Last night I went to bed knowing my husband set his alarm earlier so he can get to work earlier today. I woke up to him kissing me good bye and felt a bit depressed thinking my day was going to be a long one. But, I walked into the kitchen to start making breakfast and I quickly changed my depressing attitude to gratitude. And it made me instantly happy. I looked over at my two girls playing and I was like, "i have two beautiful healthy and happy girls. wow, i am so thankful." What in the world did I have to be depressed about?! Absolutely nothing. Since we have moved up to Sacramento, my role as a mother has become even more defined. Mike has started this incredible opportunity of a great new career and I too restarted my motherhood journey.  But today, I realized it takes more than just feeding, nurturing, clothing, educating and playing with my children everyday to call myself a "good mom."  All of these things must be done with joy. So, I've been changing my heart in small ways to serve with joy and it truly is making me happier. 

The world that I need to serve right now needs to be done right here in my own home, with great joy. 

While these thoughts were running across my mind all day, I happened to read this quote on Kristin Roger's instagram... "...very largely does the wife hold in her hands, as a scared trust--the happiness and the highest good of the hearts that nestle in the home...Her spirit gives the home its atmosphere. Her hands fashion its beauty. Her heart makes its love. And the end is so worthy, so noble, so divine--that no wife should consider any price too great to pay--to be the light, the joy, the blessing, the inspiration of her home!" - J.R. Miller 

And a blog isn't a blog without pictures...so here are a few as of late. 

^ this was actually a few weeks back when we visited so cal.. girls love a good dance party. Look at Zaylee bustin her moves! ^

^ The Princess and the Frog for halloween ^

^ Painting and doing preschool activities ;) ^

^ these two have been napping so well lately...praying this continues!^ 

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