Sunday, November 24, 2013

i might as well be chopped liver...

on the weekends. I don't like to brag about this too much because each marriage is different. But, I have to say that I'm pretty thankful that I married a man that makes one heck of a dad. This weekend was a good one in the fact that I felt more refreshed and it was because my hubs takes full charge on the weekends. He makes us breakfast, dresses the girls, plays with them full time and gives me a nice little break. Is it wrong to say that I don't even change a single diaper?! Yeah..he spoils me ;) 

And you know what makes this weekend even better?! Its going to be a shorter work week...thanks to thanksgiving! Woot! 

So...last week it rained a couple days and it was nice. We read a lot of books, drank hot cocoa, built (and smashed, thanks to Zaylee) a lot of blocks. But that gets old after a while, and then my kids will start to beg to play outside. Rain or shine my kids love to play outside. Actually, I think they like to play outside even more when it rains. I mean, these poor deprived Southern California children only get to experience rain twice a year. 

So, is it the cool moms that let their children play outside in the rain? Or is the stupid ones? No comment. 

^ my Mary Poppins! ^

^ She walked around like this for a while keeping her sister covered from the rain. Such a good big sister! ^ 

^ Umbrellas only lasted so long. Practicing soccer! ^

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