Friday, February 22, 2013

7 quick takes #TGIF

i decided to jump on the bandwagon and join Jen

here are my 7 quick takes from this week:

1. For lent, i decided to be hands-free of my iphone until the kiddos go to bed or 8 PM (unless, i'm taking pictures of course). Annnd i can't be thankful enough that i decided to do this. Its quite liberating. I am seriously contemplating to never go back to my handy iphone days :) i just sort of miss my instagram...ok i lie, i miss it a lot

2. On Monday this week, my husband treated me and the bestfriend to a day at the spa to get massages and relax. And... how is it that i always get a masseuse that wants to engage in a conversation with me, the whole time. I always walk in looking forward to spending that hour in silence and peace...but it never happens. They always keep talking to me. But then again, i should be grateful and stop complaining.  

3. this little girl 
has been saying the greatest little things lately... and i need to write it all down for the memory books! For i.e: in this picture, she laid down and said, "mama look, i'm a star!" 

4. So this week, after almost 5 years of marriage and 2 kids later...husband and i took a mini lesson on how nfp works again from a newly engaged couple (who are taking the class right now). So embarrassing...but i think we need to take the course over again. 

5. we are currently babysitting dogsitting 2 dogs and now i know what it feels like to have 4 kids. Which is why...i need to go back to figuring out nfp quickly! j/k.. not really... but adding 2 more mouths to feed and cleaning after 2 more poopie butts is a non stop all day job. what's even worse is that...i started to have dog guilt the other night because the dogs didn't get enough exercise during the day! As if mom guilt wasn't bad i'm adding dog guilt to my bedtime routine. #readytogivethedogsbackasap

6. i've been an awesome cooking kick lately. i just have no pictures to show you, but its been delicious around these parts. Sophia has even asked me, "mama, are you a terrific cook?" and of which i answered, "yes." :) 

7. i caught my husband google imaging "asian guys with side swept bangs hair do" and almost peed in my pants (it was so good!). whats even better...he said he's going to go for it and make it his new "look." Almost 5 years of marriage... and he can still make me laugh.  

Wishing you a fun-filled weekend!


  1. Your daughters are beautiful. Mom guilt: glad to know it doesn't end with kids.

  2. I am loving your lenten resolution. Way to go Diana! A hard feat in today's culture. I have to use social media for my business but I long to throw it out the window some days. I have been breaking during the weekends and have a rule not to use the phone while engaging with my kids. Hard to do but I know it will pay off.

    And your hubs is a rockstar for treating you to a spa day! Nice work husband;)