Friday, February 8, 2013

my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 9 days {T G I F}

for the past 9 days and even longer nights, i parented alone while husband traveled for work. there was some blood, lots of tears, and even mom sweat involved.  
^^sophia's new hobby is to brush my hair...and the postpardom hair loss continues! 
^^ we visited my great grandma on her birthday, she turned 95! here she is playing with Zaylee, the youngest member of the family. And that's Sophia cheering the Raven's on for the Superbowl game #shamefulCalifornian 

^^Don't be fooled by this sweet face, never a dull moment in the house with this little bird! She makes sure she gets into every life threatening and dangerous situation possible.  
^^these 2 were on my hips or at my heel every second of the day/night :) laundry parrtayy!
^^thank goodness for best friends that come to help with the love load of parenting

continuing on with the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 9 days:

it was the first time ever that i saw Sophia so heartbroken. she begged her daddy every time she talked to him on the phone to come home and hold her. i lost count of how many times she kissed and hugged my laptop camera to her daddy via skype. it was so sad to watch and to let her experience this heartbreak and to not be able to do anything was excruciating. the emotional pain of this was well worse than the physical exhaustion of parenting alone. 

but truth be told...i'm such a wimp...i ran to my parent's house for help (ain't no shame in my game). i couldn't have survived these 9 days without the gracious help from grandparents, best friends, lots of sugary treats, distractions from dogs, movies, naps, and picking and choosing a lot of my battle. i am a strong believer in the saying "it takes a village to raise a child." 

anyways, T G I F!!!!!! (can you tell i'm a wee bit excited?!!) Hope you all have a wonderful, excellent, very good, very fun weekend ahead of yourselves!

 I'm off to indulge a little bit this weekend by sleeping in to about 8 o' clock and  probably take a long hot shower everyday (don't tell me you think i was able to shower everyday while husband was gone, do you !?? i told you mom sweat was involved). Life is good again. :) 


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