Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Treasure Island {Sunday Funday}

Sundays is our family funday. This Sunday, although it was somewhat drizzly and cold in southern California...we didn't let that stop us into venturing out to Treasure Island (afterall, some states had to deal with Nemo this weekend, what's a little drizzle?). If you haven't discovered Treasure Island, its a little piece of paradise in Laguna Beach where no matter how gray the skies are...the sun will always shine there. (Its really true, i'm not making this up)

^^we had a delicious lunch! This little bird takes her bread basket really seriously :)
^^we then enjoyed the view from the lobby hotel. I can look at open water forever...it brings so much calm and peace.^^
^^we sat by a fire pit and enjoyed the warmth for a bit.^^
This is one of our family's little happy place. You'll catch us here pretty often ;)