Sunday, February 17, 2013

little leopard {like mother, like daughters}

i happen to accidentally match my family, most particularly my daughters all the time and not realize it until i am out and about and someone points it out to me. i promise you about 90% of the time it was unplanned. But, since its happening more often than not...i thought i'd do a series called 'like mother, like daughter'...where i can show you a blend of our outfits together. is the first like mother, like daughter series. and...yes, i planned to match my girlies in this one:)

so, i bought this awesome tribal/leopard print skirt at a vintage store a few weeks ago...and it had a bit too much fabric that wasn't flattering for me to wear on my big hip figure :). So, I snip-snip, sew-sew...and that one big skirt turned into 4 flattering skirts!! One for me, one for my mom, one for Sophia and one for Zaylee! Best $16.00 i ever spent :)
^^left:the original skirt, right: the 4 new skirts^^

^^Sophia surprised me with a flower she picked for me. She is such a sweetie!^^

Hope you enjoy these series to come!


  1. what a fun idea! all the skirts turned out wonderful and your girls are very cute :D

  2. I'm impressed! all of that from one skirt, wow!