Thursday, February 21, 2013

cheers to best valentine's day ever!

so last week, we celebrated the "best day ever!!" according to miss Sophia. Last minute, we decided to have a Valentine's day dinner party together, just the four of us. We ditched the romantic busy crowds at the restaurant and instead had the fanciest dinner at home of steak and tails on our China plates. The girls put on their prettiest dresses and I wore my brightest baubles and lipstick. Mike cooked up one hot meal, served the tastiest non-alcholic cranberry apple cider and blasted tunes for dance afterwards. 

^^our valentine, taking turns dancing with each of us ladies :) lucky guy! ^^

^^both these girls love music and dancing! Zaylee kept clapping and danced along!^^
^^it must run in the blood :) ^^

Needless to say...we partied hard.

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