Monday, February 25, 2013

girly tomboy {like mother, like daughters}

Over the weekend, we wore a little blue, a little denim and chambray, and some tulle together. 
When Sophia was about 18 months old, I had a friend tell me "I like how you don't always dress Sophia in pink." It never even occurred to that, I was buying her more blue clothing and I guess one would say, more tomboyish. Now that she is 3 and more opinionated about her "style" I am becoming more aware of what she likes, and we are learning to compromise our styles together. 
But, one thing that I wont budge on when it comes to her decision of clothing is dressing modestly. Even at her young age, I want to make sure Sophia knows she is always supposed to dress modestly for herself, for others, and for God. She is really into dresses and skirts, by really, I mean she will not wear pants. So, the other day...I made her put on some leggings under her skirt to the museum and she started arguing with me about them. Her alibi was that "Saint Margaret of Scotland didn't wear pants." I'll admit that was good...I didn't really know what to say after that. 

Thankfully, this little one is still too young to talk back. But man, she has been keeping me on my toes! I caught her playing with toilet water this week and eating a small piece of broken purple crayon! Never a dull moment with her! :)
Zaylee is quite my active baby bird. She surprised herself by taking one small step this week and then went back to crawling. Its been bringing me the greatest joy lately to see these two really start to play together. I've been waiting for this moment for a long, long time! 

So, what are your priorities when it comes to dressing your children? Comfort? Stylish? 

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