Wednesday, July 10, 2013

a last minute road trip

Last week we took a totally impromptu trip up to Sacramento to visit a couple of our very best friends. Mike and I love a good road trip because it reminds us of the good ol' days of endless conversing, good music, and some rosary praying before the kiddos came. Now with the girls it gets a little more hectic, but with usually good timing and lots of good snacks we still make out a pretty fantastic time.   

^when you start your trip with an In-N-Out burger on your lap, nothing can go wrong. Nothing.^
^ cheers to yummy snacks! ^

^ i love a good country drive ^
^ pitstop with my diva ^
^ Our favorite place in Sacramento is Leatherby Creamery! It is our friend's family business and hands down the best hand made ice cream and crab sandwiches. This is a strawberry shortcake sundae! ^

^ we spent everyday swimming and eating outside. oh summer, how i love you! ^
^ we had an incredible fireworks show at our friend's house! ^

^ we went to mass at the Cathedral and saw the Capitol!^

^ Prettiest field of sunflowers on our drive home! ^

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