Monday, July 1, 2013


This weekend felt like a good one. A typical one that probably most people live and one that is quite productive. We got to run all the errands that I had on my "to do" list and even threw a mini bbq/pool party over here last minute. Is there anything quite satisfactory like crossing everything off a long list and going to sleep at the end of the night to an exhausted body and clean house? I guess when your love language is "acts of service" stuff like this can be quite fulfilling. Its true...I love weekends like this sometimes. 

But, it was also a good weekend because I spent it with my little family. We got to run all these little errands with cranky and chatty children in the backseat while we blasted the AC against the hot heats. We ate popsicles and ice cream and let it drip all over our chinny chin chins and clothing's. We made forts and swam with our children and let them stay up pass their bedtime (did anyone else see the most gorgeous sunset Saturday night?!). We cooked and cleaned and even planned a spontaneous mini vacay. We argued, we disciplined and we laughed. Husband looked over at me several times during these car rides and told me he loved me during all of it. We took naps in a hot house, watered my one special plant and then sprayed ourselves with the hose. I made my staple pesto but made an incredible twist on it that brought out the flavors so much more (i'll definitely have to share this one soon!). And the icing on the cake was Saturday morning when I got to go to mass alone and went to confession (double the Sacraments baby!). God is so good and I am so thankful for this life of mine. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!  

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