Tuesday, July 16, 2013

bits of camp

Last week we went to Vacation Bible Camp. We sure had a blast learning more about our faith and singing camp songs everyday. We filled our day with faith stations, arts and crafts, free play and some praise and worship music time. It was so neat to watch my two little girls grow so much at camp. Zaylee had so much fun copying her big sister and trying to fit in with the big kids. Sophia truly experienced camp this year in the eyes and heart of a four year old.

Growing up, I have sweet memories of being shipped off to summer camp each year since I was probably six! I always went with a bit of nervousness of being away but always came home with a dozen new friends and fun memories. Now experiencing camp through the eyes of my children it is so different. The joy is almost elevated in a way that I find joy in their joy. I see them thrive off these new experiences and friendships and it is a whole new experience for me. This year Sophia has been wanting to be so much part of the camp, but yet struggling to let me go. She would beg and whine for me to stay near her through the whole day and part of every activity, but once I got there she would ask me to "go walk a bit further away." She would seek independence yet she wasn't a 100% on board with it. And I'm okay with that too. I'm okay being there every moment as she wants me to walk near her or just be near her as she "tries" something new. Ah the growing pains in age four is quite interesting. This mama is learning so much.

Thank you VBC for such a fulfilling and joyful week. I'm hoping next year we will be brave to pitch a tent and stay a few nights too. :)  

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