Thursday, July 11, 2013

My summer 5's

Since I've been asked a lot about these 5 items that I carry with me almost daily (with my kids), I thought I'd dedicate a blog post about them. 

These are my top 5 summer essentials for my own two children. 

1. Mini Boden's swimwear : I love that it protects my children from the sun! It means less time of smearing sunscreen on and more time to play! It doesn't hurt that its pretty stinkin cute on too. 

2. Planet Box: I just ordered these for camp and so far I LOVE them! They make me think outside the box (literally) and make me use more variety when packing lunches. 

3. Life Factory water bottles: I have been a fan for a couple years now with these. Water tastes differently when you drink from plastic and glass. The best part of these is that they come with different caps, so sometimes I switch to a sippy cap for my kiddos. 

4. Native Shoes: It is our 2nd year in a row with Native shoes for Sophia in the summer. They are light, easy and much cuter than Crocs. 

5. California Baby Sunscreen: This is always in my bag year round. There are no harsh chemicals in this one and it does the job pretty well. 

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  1. Great picks! Thanks for sharing. Will have to look into Native shoes.. those are cute!