Friday, July 19, 2013

t g i f

The other day I found out something that made me so so sad. My dear neighbor's five year old son suddenly died. I was there that night watching the paramedics drive away with such an awful and sick feeling in my stomach that I couldn't shake. I wasn't sure what happend and I haven't seen them since that night until this Wednesday when I found out the devastating news. So Wednesday night, our family walked over there with condolences and flowers. I was shaking as I was walking over to knock on the doors. What would I say? What could I even say? I couldn't even imagine her loss. Nothing is worse for a parent. nothing. 

That and a few other things this week had me really grateful in my heart for all that I have this week. Grateful for my children most especially and for their love for me and my love for them. We stayed home for most of the week (which is really rare) and I really felt the exhaustions of being a stay at home mom. We played every game at home, read many books, made many messes, did a lot of cleaning, made all meals at home 3 times a day plus countless snacks, and I was there with them at every moment. So last night, I took a few minutes to myself as Mike was bathing the girls, to take a much needed shower. But as soon as the bathroom doors open, these two girls started running to me laughing and wanting to play games with me again. I chased them between our room and their room and they hollered and screamed with excitement until they passed out for bed with me squished in between them. I thought as I went to bed last night and both girls on each side of me, "aren't they tired of me?" I guess the answer is no. I guess they don't see a tired mother who hasn't showered and hasn't changed her clothes since the night before. Rather they see their mother as someone they can depend and count on for everything. For food, for clothing, for rest, for play and most especially for love. For all these things and the ways that I can serve my family my heart is especially grateful this week. 

Sometimes okay many times this dear vocation that God has called me to, the vocation of wife and mother can be challenging. And this week, I had a reminder to bear my cross in a uplifting way that almost made my cross very light. With love our crosses can be bearable and sanctifying. 

Now with that all being said, have a great weekend everyone! Sorry for the long and serious post on this Friday, but these were my reflections for this week and I wanted to share it. It is my blog after all :) Hope you do everything with extra love this weekend. I'm looking forward to a fun and busy weekend! 

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  1. I would thumbs up this post if I could! I think what we learn in life (especially from reflection) is really awesome and relevant to share. :)

  2. Thanks so much Heesoo!! I really enjoyed writing this post...thinking of doing a Friday reflection posts from now on : ) thanks for always reading! XO