Friday, July 26, 2013

tgif + patience

Happy TGIF friends! Its been a good week for getting out and playing in the sun for us. As you know we have a visitor here and we've been taking him to some of the most prettiest places in southern CA...and that usually means at least one visit to Treasure Island beach. It really felt like we were away on a mini tropical vacation. 

I really enjoyed writing a reflection post last week and I saw that I had a lot of positive feedback, so I felt so encouraged to continue it for my Friday posts. Plus it feels good for the soul sometimes to write about the thoughts that are floating in your mind all week. 

Patience. Patience has been the word for my week. Patience for the plans that God has for our family. There's a lot that I don't share on this blog for obvious reasons, but this week our family was given some news to be patient about it. It actually has me so impatient to be quite honest. I just want to know all the answers already and just have my future all planned out for me. Don't we all? So as I am losing patience, I am praying for it as well. I am learning that rushing to find out answers isn't always the right thing. Neither is overplanning. So this week as I was out in nature and the sun was kissing my face and the sounds of waves were crashing in my ear...I let go. I let go of my impatience to be patient for just a minute. I let go of my fear to trust in the Lord. I let go of everything to just be, to be just in the moment. And it felt good. 

So, I encourage all of you to let go a little bit this weekend of the week day stresses and the unknown answers to be more in the moment and patient :) It feels good for the soul. 

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