Monday, July 15, 2013

beach + bbq weekend

You know you had a very good weekend when you are dog tired on Monday. Today is one of those Mondays where I'm counting on nice long naps from the girls and some down time for myself. On Saturday I had a girls day with my daughters and a good friend, while Mike went to a bachelor weekend up in the mountains (if you follow us on Facebook, i'm sure you saw the pics of him on the jet skis). We took a trip up to Malibu Seafood and indulged in some fried oysters, scallops, crap salads, and fish taquitos. It was delicious and the view wasn't so bad either ;) We then ventured onto Malibu Country Mart to let the girls play in the playground and eat the best gelato on the West Coast.

^ Candy!! ^

^ Sophia would push Zaylee on the swing then run off screaming "ahhh!" It was  quite funny. There was also a little girl there pushing her little dog on the swing. :) ^

^ Can you hear the hearty laughter?! This girl loves her swings and has a pretty fantastic sister who loves to push her on it. ^

On Sunday, we ventured back to the beach after church to eat breakfast and play at the beach. We finished the evening off with a bbq making some yummy fajitas and filling our home with company and children playing. I think it was a pretty good weekend. 

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