Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Farm to table: Pizza my heart!

One of the perks of living close to farms in this city is having a box of fresh seasonal produce delivered to your door weekly. To be quite honest, I don't always know what's in season when I go to the grocery store and I usually end up buying the same bag of grapes and carrots that I'm used to restocking every week. So when I started receiving my first box, I found half of the contents in the box intimidating. First of all I didn't even know what some of it was (hello, kiwi berries!) and then most importantly...i didn't know what to do with them. After a few rounds on Pinterest, I found that the possibility is endless! I find it exciting now to see how my produce has changed from the Fall season to now Winter and also watch my adventurous children wanting to try it all. 

So this week, I was given red potatoes and leeks...and I turned them into a delicious Potato Leek Pizza! I found this delicious recipe from the Pioneer Woman. I love that woman. Everything she makes looks drool worthy. 

 I modified the recipe a little bit. I obviously used red potatoes instead of Yukon Gold and used turkey bacon because thats all I had in the fridge. Although it was still good, I would still recommend the good ol' fatty bacon for next time. 

^^ Disclaimer: those are not my chubby dark arms rolling the pin ;) ^^

Voila'! Enjoy! 

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