Wednesday, January 22, 2014

snippets of happy

First of all, did you notice anything new? Yes, my blog is getting a small facelift. It still (obviously) needs a lot of work. I'm still trying to work out the technical stuff and I'm pretty much sucking at it. 

Second of all, I've done many different variations of the "happy post!" It really is one of my favorite things to blog about because my cell phone is filled with a lot of pictures that make me happy in the moment. Its nice to gather all those happy pictures together in one spot and do a post. Once its all done...its one big happy! So here are a few snippets of happy thats been making me happy! Ok, that was a lot of happy in one line. #sorrynotsorry 

^ Sorry for the grainy i phone pic (c/o of auntie May!) Sophia has been taking ice skating lessons for several weeks now and she LOVES it. ^

^ Mike babysat for a few hours and I came home to happy, hot cocoa sugared up, spilled on the shirt, messy home...but did i mention that everyone was happy. :) ^ 

^ one of very best friends and roommate in college came to visit! These girls loved spending every minute with their auntie may! ^ 

^ did i mention that i love her? She is sister from another mother :) And we had the very best visit to San Francisco together! ^

^ come on, how can a happy blog post not have a picture of a donut! Aren't these mini donuts adorable? They were hot, sugary, and perfectly fried! ^

^ She is my happy! Her smile radiates and its pretty dang contagious! ^

^ two peas in a pod. literally. :) ^

^ I have been to SF a dozen times but have never been on the Golden Gate bridge until recently. We drove through the bridge during the golden hour and it was magical. ^

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